HTS/Amptek... heating tapes, heating jackets, heating mantles, heating blankets, silicone heaters and Controllers... Manufacturer of Flexible Electric Heating Solutions.


HTS/Amptek Company designs and manufactures high temperature, flexible, Electric Heating Elements, Heating Tapes, Laboratory Heating Tapes, Heating Jackets, Heating Blankets, Insulated Resistance Wire, Temperature Controllers, Thermocouples and Accessories.

HTS/Amptek Heaters... OEM, Industrial, Laboratory,
Semiconductor and Petro-Chemical applications to 1400 degs. F. (760 C)

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Flexible Electric Heaters, Controllers and Accessories

HTS/Amptek® is a manufacturing company of high quality heating tape and electric heating elements. With easy web search at your fingertips, it is still difficult to find the original source. Congratulations! have arrived. We design and build Heat Tape from the Resistance Wire to the Power Cord, in our Stafford, Texas facility. If you're looking for heaters such as Laboratory Electric Heating Elements, Heating Tape, Heating Jackets, Heating Blankets, or Temperature Controllers; then HTS/Amptek® Company will end your search. From components to complete heating systems, we are your solution for Design, Manufacture, System Integration and Delivery. Our products offer unique solutions, while providing professional quality at reasonable cost.

High Quality Products with Professional Appearance

With over 35 years of flexible electric heater expertise, HTS/Amptek® Company is dedicated to a high quality product line. From the base product of Resistance Wire and Heating Tapes to the complete Heating Blanket or Jacket System, our engineering and sales professionals will direct you to the very best products that are available, worldwide.

Standard Heating Products and Accessories

HTS/Amptek® Company manufactures standard and heavy insulated Heat Tape, Mono-Tape™ Duo-Tape®, Trio-Tape™ in moderate and High Temperature configurations. Consult the website or contact us directly for a quick response and easy transaction. Call us at 1-800-965-4316 or email

Custom Designed Flexible Electric Heaters

Except for Heating Tape, High Temperature Flexible Electric Heaters are not common. We design custom high temperature Heating Tapes, Heating Jackets, Heating Blankets, Heating Mantles, Traced Blankets, Traced Jackets, Pipe Heaters, Hose Heaters and more. If your application is unique, and you can't locate the information on our website, please contact us directly.

Industries Served

HTS/Amptek® Company is a major supplier to a broad spectrum of endeavors, this includes:

• Research
• Petro-Chemical
• Semi-Conductor
• Aerospace
• Hot-Melt Transfer
• Vacuum Bake-Out
• Clean Air Monitoring
• Universities

Anywhere heat is required to flow, convert or maintain solids liquids or gases, you will find that HTS/Amptek can be there to regulate, maintain or add heat!


To contact HTS/Amptek... In the USA, call (800) 965-4316, or click for more information...